Porto Photo Tour

 Porto Photo Tour

Guided Porto Photography Tours

Experience the most photogenic spots in Porto with a local guide and professional photographer, bring home stunning photos.

We run photo guided tours across Porto with small groups of photography fans, destined for all levels.

You can choose one of our professional analogue cameras and use it, we also provide rolls of film to suit your needs or if you prefer, you can bring your own camera. Our guide will give you hands-on guidance about different techniques while showcasing the beautiful and welcoming city of Porto.

Our tours are ideal for beginner or advanced photographers, led by experienced photographers, passionate for photography, who will be your guide.

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What you can expect
Skills. Confidence. Better photos.

From its classic architecture and iconic landmarks to its ever-changing, ultra-modern skyline - Porto is just asking to be captured on camera. What better location is there to develop your photography skills?

Our tours have three main aims:

  • To learn and hone new techniques from our professional photographer guides
  • To understand the importance of location, and develop an instinct for finding the perfect shot
  • To bring people together and build confidence as photographers


What's available
Varied locations and techniques

We offer regular scheduled Porto photo tours, predominantly from Fridays through to Sundays. Some tours are focused on a particular location, whereas others are based around a subject (e.g. Rivers & Bridges) or a particular technique (such as night photography).

Tours are generally a minimum of 3 hours long - and given that we operate small groups (a maximum of 6 people), we think there's a great balance of individual guidance from your guide and time to interact with others in your group.

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Try photography yourself
Our cameras you can use

Taking pictures with an analog camera can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Unlike digital photography, where the image is instantly captured and stored on a memory card, analog photography involves a slower, more deliberate process. From selecting the right film to manually focusing the lens, every step of the process requires more thought and care.

One of the biggest advantages of analog photography is the unique look and feel of the images it produces. The soft, warm tones of film are difficult to replicate with digital filters, and the grainy texture of some films adds a beautiful vintage quality to the photos. Additionally, the limited number of shots on a roll of film forces photographers to be more selective and thoughtful in their shooting, resulting in a higher percentage of quality shots.


Why analogic
The art of analog photography

Another advantage of analog photography is the ability to experiment with different types of film. Black and white film, in particular, has a timeless quality that is difficult to achieve with digital processing. The stark contrast between light and dark creates dramatic, eye-catching images that are perfect for capturing portraits, landscapes, and still life compositions.

Despite the challenges and limitations of analog photography, many photographers find the experience to be incredibly rewarding. There's something special about the process of loading film into the camera, carefully composing the shot, and waiting patiently for the image to develop. For those who value the art and craft of photography, analog is a medium that shouldn't be overlooked.